Friday, 7 December 2012

Mini Weekend Getaway Pt.2 01122012

Oh the comfort of the bed., I just want to hide under the white sheets. Hot showers in the morning, singing and dancing to Narmi's & Reza Salleh's songs on Youtube. the smell of this in house coffee somehow woke me up to a beautiful view I dream of waking every single day.  I saw ships and boats sailing away while everyone is already up for a swim from my balcony.  With the greens and blues, how can you say no to. The combination of a garden and sea view just makes my day.

When you have the whole morning time to kill, grab the chances as long as you will.
A stroll , walk into the  garden of trees and landscapes of a variety plants. Passed through the swimming pool, I don't feel like going for a swim though.  I headed down beside the pool bar, I laze on the beach chair under the shade instead. 

Weekends are meant to be calm and relaxing, less stressful and zero disturbance. 
Well except the ones that  rocks your day with never ending music. I don't mind some loving from loved ones as well.

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