Monday, 21 January 2013

A day at an orchard in Tenom

Continuation from Day trip to Tenom :)

Had breakfast at a home-based kampung area in Inobong. Noodle soup and beancurd in a super early morning. I think I had too much. And may I say I had a fulfilling one. 

We went to Tenom via the new Kimanis-Keningau road. I haven't been to Tenom for years. I think the last time I was there, it was my uncle's wedding. So yes, I'm using my off day this time to smell some fresh air and water, eating the almost out of season durians by the cooling stream. Fruits of love, a variety of it. My uncle's father in law has the ability for traditional weaving baskets. I would love to try and learn for I could see that this tradition will fade soon. And while we are at it, listening to his stories, I simply love the breath taking view of fish pond and padi field combined. Right at their backyard.

Lovely day, I wished I have more green hands.  :)

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