Sunday, 20 January 2013

Daytrip to Kundasang & Tambunan (Pt.3)

From Kundasang to Ranau town, enroute to Tambunan. We went to Mahua Waterfalls. It has been ages since my last visit here. Something has changed. For the better improvement. Unlike other waterfalls I have been, I simply love it how the trail goes by the boardwalk. And since my last time, the water runs faster that day than usual. Still a nice place just to chill and get some iced cold bath. I can feel the pleasure by just soaking my feet in there!

So the next I'm planning on coming, I want to dip myself into the water much longer :D
See what nature can do for someone on a weekend. It's love okay! :)

Till the next travel post! :p


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