Saturday, 23 February 2013

23rd February 2013

It's my off day today. 
Morning started really early for me. Though I'm not exactly a morning person, I forced myself out of bed. After trying to be almost vegetarian, I have an effort to start exercising even more. Everyone need to start some where right?

My not that proper outfit
Hiking at Bukit Padang

I thought I could go back to sleep after that but my body is still active so I decided for an adventure to town today. I was absolutely delighted by my second breakfast, a plate of 'Chee cheong fun' goodness and tea at Chatterbox Cafe. Took some time sipping that warm tea enjoying that very late morning. And later on, just relaxing and chilling out with a cup of another warm Caramel Macchiato on the comfy couch of Starbuck. Fooling around with the company of the Ipad.

A clean sweep of that plate of goodness
Caramel Macchiato and ze' Ipad
Outfit for the day : Estranged's latest official tshirt, Jeans from the Philippines, Airwalk flats and Channel V Limited Edition Tote Bag (From Junk Magazine, KL ages ago )

Dinner at Damai and a quick, few minutes of catch up with Decipher_BKI and Rey Nizam.
And little refreshing drinks at a new food joint in Lintas to end my long Saturday.

Pork Clay Pot Rice
Summer Orange (I think) at IHOP Cafe

What a long day!

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