Sunday, 10 February 2013

First day of Chinese New Year 2013

Went to Beverly Hill's in Bundusan to search for breakfast but most of the coffee shops were closed. We didn't want a typical 'mamak' breakfast so we decided to have my favourite Filipino breakfast. *inserts biggest smile*  Straight to 'Tambayan Kainang Filipino'....

I would have opt for Mango Juice if we didn't went for breakfast. I chose warm Lipton Tea as my drink for my dose of caffeine instead. Sleepeehhh! Bamboo filled decor makes me miss the Philippines for real. Lovely morning to hear Tagalog conversations while having my Pancit Bihon and Longganisa. Thoughts of San Miguel Light have a sudden popped up on my mind, but it's too early to have one. Geez. This couldn't be. Hahaha! :D

Since my brother had some mini steamboat with friends in the afternoon, I think we should continue for the night. So yeah, dinner outside at our very own front yard was superb. :)

Good night!

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