Sunday, 10 March 2013

Productive Sunday!

Sunny day at Inanam. Chinese food. Dim sum on a Sunday and prawn chee cheong fun.  Chili sauce and shrimp paste on the side. My typical favourite breakfast with the family. And some tea to wash off the gluttony on the plate guilt after. I can't go a day without Chinese food.

Cooked late lunch (or was it for early dinner? :p) today while tuning in to Malaysian English Top10 on Hitz.FM with Arnold Loh. I found myself singing, updating tweets and cooking in between. Multi-tasking is sure no easy job but it's a way to go sometimes. *smiles*

Here's the food menu for the day:
Chicken and Fried Beancurd in Soy Sauce , Sweet Corn, Sinigang na Isda ( Fish Sinigang) & Vegetables and Sausages cooked Oyster Sauce.

Sweats and let it burn. 
Stairs exercise again for the evening.

Just in time for Sunday Sessions with two of my favourite singer-songwriters, Narmi and Reza Salleh on Live Streaming. Always love it when they were singing familiar songs you could sing along to.
Another great live streaming by the Dream Rocketeers.

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