Thursday, 1 January 2015

1st January 2015

Happy new year everyone! :)

Once more, my hands are itchy for words. It was a lovely morning to begin with, and I just want a relaxing day the whole day. Nursing my still injured right leg but this just had to be shared here. 

'I am nothing closer to perfection,
Tested my patience through it all, 
I learn to control it by dancing to tea symphony every time.

Whatever happened to that coffee addiction? 

Whatever happened ,
Actually I am not sure now. 

Whilst searching for the love, 
The so called coffee mate of life, 
Was probably not my cup tea, I'm sure.

This year, let it begin,
Seek the love in the air,
Whilst she travels afar,
Heard that question again...

Coffee or tea?

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