Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Daytrip to Pagsanjan Waterfalls

Another throwback story to share.

A day after coming back from Kalibo to Manila. I think it was our last day there. We had a change of plans to go for a day trip to Pagsanjan Waterfalls instead. 

Yet again, a zombie mode for all of us as we barely had enough sleep. 

We didn't want to waste time getting stuck in the traffic jam, so we were up early to have our favourite Filipino breakfast before our family driver came.

Long way on a highway, everyone know how bad traffic jam can be in a busy, congested city. It's always nice to find delicious snacks on our pit stop to the convenient store/gas station/comfort room. 

We all shared this.
Baked and cheesy! 

And just had to snap this because we were stucked in traffic and obviously I was bored in the van. 

On the highway in Laguna,
To where we were finally in the city of Calamba. 

Passed through rice fields, hills and mountains. Signboards and lots of swimming pool places. Or whatever you call them. 

Rey finally dropped us to this one small jetty. We were all equipped with head gear and safety vest. Can't believe I was so game on doing that kind of adventure. 

It was my very first time on a really long but small 'bangka' boat. 

We were seated on the boat. Cruising the river, passing through small streams and mini waterfalls. It was a hot day and I simply could not deny the heat. But the splashing waters made it bearable.

We finally got to where the main waterfall was. We were asked to seat on a 'rakit' and hold on tight to it. Pulled to the water falls. The water pressure was crazy! We were then rested awhile inside the cave before a part two pressure hit us. 

For not being a water baby myself, it was one of a kind experience! 
So much drama to even after the boat ride. Hate to recall it. I don't even want to mention it here.

Lunch was waiting.
We were starving, everyone was super quiet up until we have finished our food. 

Always love this Pinoy lunch combination.

Up next...

You readers probably knew I have been to the Philippines a few times now but I never have the guts to even try this popular 'balot' egg. So this blurry vision of this place was the witness to my first time. It was not bad at all, trust me.

I want a different kind of experience the next time I am in the Philippines again.

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