Sunday, 13 September 2015

Floating Market Lembang | Bandung | Day 3 | May 2015

Sun is shining,
Such a beautiful morning.

It was so bright that day but the wind was blowing, greeted by a welcome drink  ( which you get to choose from at the counter ) at the main entrance of Floating Market Lembang. 

Where to, next? 

It was a rather huge park but we only have like an hour or so. First stop was the art gallery shop which display most paintings of beautiful Bandung. And it was also a souvenir shop for those who wanted to buy gifts for friends and family.

We walked around for a bit while capturing moments along the way.
See where the road lead us to.

Passing by,
We then went for a few minutes boat ride. Thank God that it was a sunny day and it was not raining. Weather's been really great. 

Saying goodbye to the rabbits and duckies. 

A rather super quick walk, I hate it when we were running out of time. The next time, I am coming back to have the whole day here. We could barely covered the whole place! But I truly enjoyed the visit never the less. 

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