Sunday, 24 July 2016

| Kuala Lumpur/ Selangor | April 2016 : Day 1

Early morning airport vibes before flying off. Still sleepy on that very day but oh so good to get some off from work. 

In the state of blurriness ( If such word even exist ), coincidently this familiar place was caught up with haze at the same time. It was ecitement and mied feelings to be here after like almost 10 years.

Reminiscing over the years where I met part of the Frequency Cannon band, my Borneo girls Izah and Evon (  whom we met because of our love for the local bands ), Hsu Jen, Joyce and Sze Ning from our roadtrip to the Orang Asli village.

Touchdown on a Friday. Unexpected plans were set on for the night. I was never a avid party goer but I was always a fan of Urbanscape event from afar back home. So it was great to hear that my musician friend, Shaneil got me in the party. Went for the ride with Marsha, a friend of Shaneil, along Petaling Street and we finally found the Urbanscape House right at Medan Pasar.

When we've arrived, it was around 9pm, where everyone at the venue was already coming in and out. Booze and bits to chomp, dark room filled with stylish crowds. Paints of artsy fartsy on lower ground floor and upper floor walls. Music was loud and alive. Played a game with blue balloons with Marsha at the grounds. Met this familiar social media lady, Jaydee who was in charge of the game. In between vodka and sandwiches, Colin caught me in the crowd, saw him and he was with Prakash Daniel, whom I finally met in person that night. We only talk well more like shouting a bit. While Shaneil was lost in the crowd, I saw Reza Salleh from far a distance. Wanted to say hi but he was already with a group of people and I for once, was really shy that day. And Arnold Loh was busy greeting everyone, I did not get to say hi as well. While we were just standing next to Tame Impala that night, I just don't have the guts to have a picture with them. Or was it just probably because I was not a big fan to do so. 

We headed upstairs for the artsy exhibition. 

Collin introduced me to Dan and Jeffery of the band, Reach For The Skies. Yes, we were like finally met, in person. 

We were only in Urbanscape for a little while. Shaneil took me to his hood, Merdekarya in Petaling Jaya for drinks. It was a nice place to just chill with the sound of music. It was my first time, so I was not expecting that much. I honestly did not feel that night. I don't know. It was probably because of something. Despite everything, I was overwhelmed with the band that night. It was already late since I got an early agenda that morning. But I bid farewell to Merdekarya that day, I don't know when I will be back but it is official to say, how much I love being a new Sons of The Soil fan. 

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