Monday, 25 July 2016

| Shah Alam V1 | April 2016 : Day 2

Late night slumber still lingering,
On my mind had something playing.

We were supposed to have that breakfast down at the hotel's buffet table but we just want that chee cheong fun and raw fish porridge at Chinatown Petaling Street.

The thing about staying just next to the street. We later head down to Sogo Mall area using the convenient train ride and around nearby malls. I was not up for shopping any items yet, so I just had a quick browse on the shelves. Everyone kind of had early lunch but I was not hungry so I just had laici kang drink before we rushed back to the hotel.

It was already noon when we checked out of the hotel.
I gave in the idea that we should use GrabCar instead. We figured that some taxis are no longer on our list. Sorry but not sorry. Take this as a challenge to improve your services please. I rather go for Grab or Uber now.

Reached Shah Alam and we got ourselves an artsy fartsy hotel for the night. It was so pretty! Headache from the previous night is in.Oh gosh! I had a little nap while everyone was outside while I'm in the room. Seems like there is nothing much to do in  this area. Tried searching but we had no clue at all. We just had to call for a GrabTaxi to Mutiara Damansara. Sadly, this Shah Alam area does not have a GrabCar. We had to settle for what we have.

I have always been a fan of Damansara.
I don't know why but well maybe this place reminds me of those past years I had. That will be another story to tell. Ikea, Ikano spells familiarity. We were there for few hours. Grabbed everything we needed when it suddenly came pouring outside. We were caught in the rain before we got in our GrabCar.

Dinner back in Shah Alam was in one of the restaurant on the same block as our hotel. It was fine. Nothing special, just the typical. But you know what? Nothing beats the street food we had there. We just had to try and check out those KuehTiaw Goreng and Fish Burger. Too good! Wished I had pictures but it was too good, it did not made it through the shot. Geez. Goes straight into the stomach.

Food coma to end the night.
Thank you berry much, yes berry. I kid you not.

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