Sunday, 9 November 2014

Boo boo!


It bleeds, two lines, 
Or was it four?
Showing off in pinkish red, it hurts. 

Weather being unpredictable today. Saw the sun were out and the next gloomy skies came to greet. So chilling out was perhaps the best option. Lazy Sunday was more like it. Weekend cooking for the family and I accidentally hurt my hand in the kitchen. Hence those lines of Italic fonts above. Boo boo! 

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Breaking Into

It's quite early still and I'm already half dead, well, literally. 

I want to sing out loud but those songs inside of me was not that powerful enough that it break into silence, I guess. And today I spent my half day doing this. Things I've often did. Before. A once blogger friend of mine got me into reading a blog she recently just stumbled. That writer Stuart is really something. I was hooked.

What a way to get inspired and put my heart into writing again. 

Thank you and good night. 

Friday, 29 August 2014

Ladies and A Little Girl Night Out

Felt like it was a long day at work but it didn't stop me there. It been ages since my sister and I, cousins and niece last hang out for dinner or something. Life as an adult, so caught up with own things these days.

We all went out for a Japanese dinner. Had a great time talking with great food and I always end up ordering 'Unagi'. *grins*

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Music at day, And postcard of yesterday

Morning started off with a smile when I get to know that my favourite singer-songwriter ( also my favourite One Buck Short drummer ) were featured at today's 'Bella Unwind'. Imran as usual, got me hooked on to the phone screen (while I was at work) as he serenades everyone with his own version of Sudirman's song 'Warisan'. It was so calm and soothing it made me speechless. And it was nice to see him in red, that I've told him to wear more colours often. I bet he agrees with me on that. ����

And to top with all that, ending the day having seafood dinner with the family. 

Did I told you, I was looking at my old emails and I found the stranger who sent me a Christmas postcard years back on Instagram?

Oh, the simple pleasures in life! 

Good night. 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

How was your day?

Mine was pretty fine,
But okay that was a lie.

How could I deny? 
Heck hell, this is crazy,
I started off super sleepy,
And ended up feeling dizzy. 

What a day!
Bee was busy, buzzing for honey,
No time to be lazy, but where's my money? 

What's this crap, Lack of nap, I better off counting sheep, and sweet dreams into sleep.

Monday, 18 August 2014


Listen now, this is not a joke. 
What were you thinking? 
For once, you need to just be open minded and hear what others have to say. 

Hush, hush,
So what's the rush?