Thursday, 12 February 2015

Uno Noche in Boracay Part 2

Clock's ticking as the fun times always end too soon. Few more hours to breathe in here. 

Woke up from Loco Frio's frozen cocktail slumber the night before. It was probably Bailey's and Rum. I can't recall exactly what was the concoctions but it was good.  A must try drink only in Boracay. 

Packed everything, showered and ready for breakfast. Breakfast at the hotel was typical Filipino ones I like. Corned beef, egg, rice and yellow watermelon on my plate. And oh, O.J to quench the thirst! Happy me, happy tummy! :)

We had another day to enjoy till sunset before going back to Kalibo. 

Puffy clouds, sun shines, crystal clear waters and white sandy beach makes a happy feet. It's amazing I am no longer allergic to sands. Or maybe just this beach? Pero siempre a beautiful morning to begin with.

Strolling down the beach, 
One end to another, 
It gave us the itch, 
Calamansi muffin, we are in search for. 

So we finally found 'Real Coffee and Tea Cafe'. We just had to try the best of what they have to offer. Had a really nice  brew of warm coffee and their famous muffin. While we were enjoying the best breakfast view, imagine sitting upstairs, front blue water and sandy beach, I saw a picture of Marc Nelson, a famous tv host in the Philippines. Found he was a regular there, yes that 'gwapo'. *smiles*

Walked around D'Mall again and ate this Mango Flavoured Ice Cream with Cherries on top. Just my kind of dessert on the go. So many things to look at and man, those temptations to shop was there but we were on budget and I had to control myself. 

While some of us went for a temporary tattoo, I went for a hair braid instead. Asked for a 'Alicia Keys kind of half hair braid'. Summer time hair style ala Boracay, goes well with a tube top. 

While I was waiting to get my hair done, I get to feast my eyes with this at the next table. And this little local girl playing with the rubber hair band, trying to seek my attention.

Spot this art in Boracay...

And be reminded to be an ocean mindedHad yet another round of drinks at Epic before lunch time. Just chilling out with conversations. While lunch time was packed with humans and no more available tables and seats left , we had to settle on Andok's food, which was not too bad at all. 

Last drink was at Bom Bom Bar before our cafe hopping in Boracay end. We were lucky enough to be entertained by a famous Boracay All Star named Ferns Tosco that afternoon. I was instantly a fan of hers singing her song 'Island Called Boracay'. I was kind of regretted that I didn't bought her signed cd that day. But oh, well.

If only you could wake up to this every single day of your life. Scorching hot weather I could live with. My heart says yes but I've got life other than this. 

Last view, last touch....

And last sunset.
Yes, on the boat.
Makes my heart skips a beat.

We bid farewell to a short but fun journey in Boracay, never the less.

Starting to get darker as the bus drove by. I could see sea waves crashing down below as we've reached to a higher height of the road, from my window seat. 

We were back in Kalibo again for the night. Had Spaghetti Bolognese at the hotel's restaurant for dinner.

And up for an early morning flight to Manila the next day.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Una Noche in Boracay Part 1

This is a throwback story of mine, when my homies and I boarded a plane to the Philippines on the 25th of February 2014. 

A year has passed, where I made a sort of last minute decision for the trip to Boracay, Philippines. I was kind of lucky as I got a cheaper flight ticket so I've decided to just go with the flow. We were on board AirAsia airplane from home, Kota Kinabalu, to Manila's Terminal 4 airport. After we have landed, we actually have few hours to kill before our next flight to Kalibo. It was a pleasant flight although the domestic terminal airport was not really a pretty sight. We went to SM Mall of Asia right after by taxi to have some lunch and some prepaid card for a new cellphone/handphone number.

Another flight and it was already dark when we've reached the small town of Kalibo. And ride came to send us to our hotel which was just minutes away.

Pretty sweet for just few hours eh?

The next day, we were already up like super duper early in order not to miss the bus to Caticlan. But due to some miscommunication or whatsoever, the bus left us. Wasted our time and we barely had enough sleep. We got the chance to chat a bit with the locals while waiting for another arrangement to be made. Oh the drama! Our travel agent got us a private car driver to drive us up to Caticlan instead of waiting for another bus instead. Roller coaster road ride all the way but it was so worth it, the view was so awesome. I bet if you booked a direct flight, plus it super expensive compared to ours, you won't get to witnessed this. It's a long way but yes, it's an adventure I rather go for.

Reached Caticlan Jetty for a few minutes boat ride and we have arrived in the island called Boracay.

This is where we've spent a night. Yes, for just one night. The Club Ten Beach Resort Boracay. It has a big room, with 3 Queen sized bed, a toilet/bathroom and there's a loft. There's no swimming pool here, no beach front view and we need to walk in by feet from the main road since it's only a small walk way. But access to the sandy White Beach is pretty near in front too. And they served breakfast as well so no worries.

As soon as we've checked in, we walked down to the streets heading to Boracay' s sandy White Beach, which was just a few walks away. The beach was undeniably beautiful. It was a perfect time and the weather was too. I do admit at times, it gets pretty crowded and those salespeople trying to get you buy their products, and it's annoying enough. But that did not ruined everything. It was a happening area to begin with. 

We didn't want to waste anymore time, so we've made a quick plan to go for a cliff diving trip at Ariel's Point. It's actually another small island we get to go by another boat ride. While on the boat, we get to enjoy free flow of soft drink, beer and liquor. And yes, drinks made strangers get together. Get to know some locals, English, American and Korean friends while at it. 

This place was even beautiful as it own. So many activities to do here. I was mesmerized by the whole scenic view there is. But we came here for just one main thing. It's 'the jump'. It took me quite some (well a lot) of time to finally did it. That few minutes of hesitation ended with guts and not thinking too much. I let go of my fear of heights. That one and only jump. Without those words of encouragement from my loved ones and strangers, I don't think I would even want to be at the edge of the cliff. Some guy even volunteer to save me from drowning . Oh how sweet! But yeah, there's life guard on stand by there. *grin* Not everyone are daring enough to do it, when some prefer just to chill around. 

I had the best buffet lunch enjoying local dishes there. San Miguel Light makes it even sweeter. Good food with great company. And a great place to just take nap, soak in the water, drink and mingle with people all over the globe. What more can you ask for?  I don't think I ever drink that much if it was here back home. Spend the whole afternoon till almost sunset there.

Had a little conversation with a Korean lady, who came with his husband and son, on the boat ride back. It was so nice to get to share stories about where we came from and how is it like here and there. I took a picture with her and hopefully we'll crossed path again someday.

Walked all the way to Jonah's for a snack. And it was packed. We got a seat of course. Fruit shake, shake, shake! All the way till sunset baby! 

We chose the purrrfectttt setting.
But without a romantic date. What a waste, haha! 

This view was right in front.
Sunset view of Willy's Rock.
I want a pre-wedding pictures here please? :p

Ok enough about that.

Went back to the hotel to take some shower and rest. And out about to search something delicious for dinner again. 

We were spoilt with choices but we only have a tummy to be filled. There's too much, a bit pricey food in Boracay compared to Manila if you ask me. But oh well, we are on vacation so why not. We went round and round and round till we decided to just settle for Pamana restaurant for dinner.

Food was delicious! It did not disappoint.

Initial plan was to party a bit late but we had to call the night off for a much needed sleep and a sore from the jump earlier on. 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Random Conversation

I may want to speak and listen to you,
Every single day of my life. 

Your words, your thoughts,
Perhaps your songs. 

Maybe, just maybe.

Saturday, 24 January 2015


The doors are all closed, 
Ah those strong wind,
Blame on it, if I could. 

But nah, that's not it,
There's a reason behind, 
Worry not, for once it is shut, 
Someday it will be opened.

Easier said and done,
Frequent words they have told me,
I'll take that as a challenge,
Those words build me,
I just want to stay positive and in love. 

Monday, 12 January 2015

What about today...

This Monday blues keeps on getting me. But at the same time, it comes and go. I've probably getting sick and tired, I'm so used to it already. 

Today it felt like I just need to be a little quiet at work. Which I did. 

But today is also a great day as we celebrate my dad's birthday together as a family. A day to make effort because it's a special way to celebrate life and happiness.

Had delicious Asam Pedas just now. Was so good! No pictures but just thought I blog about this.

Good night! ��

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Puffy clouds and I, literally


Cotton candy like, or was it just cotton? Puffy clouds and I, yes literally, has that deep some thing, some thing. I don't know what it is but it some how reminds me of what's close to my heart. 

Oh puffy clouds and I,
Blue skies and the wonders of nature, 
You make me not afraid to fly, 
Reach out and just be free. 

Friday, 2 January 2015

Should I? Not I?

I asked myself if I wanted this and that.
Or should I stay or leave?
Continue and feel less, 
Or should go out of the box and be my happiness? 
Maybe for once, love a good bad decision perhaps?
I'd say, 
Risk and chances, I'm taking you with me. 

Thursday, 1 January 2015

1st January 2015

Happy new year everyone! :)

Once more, my hands are itchy for words. It was a lovely morning to begin with, and I just want a relaxing day the whole day. Nursing my still injured right leg but this just had to be shared here. 

'I am nothing closer to perfection,
Tested my patience through it all, 
I learn to control it by dancing to tea symphony every time.

Whatever happened to that coffee addiction? 

Whatever happened ,
Actually I am not sure now. 

Whilst searching for the love, 
The so called coffee mate of life, 
Was probably not my cup tea, I'm sure.

This year, let it begin,
Seek the love in the air,
Whilst she travels afar,
Heard that question again...

Coffee or tea?

Sunday, 28 December 2014

One after another...

One after another, this endless suffer, makes one bitter, may we grow stronger,  love and light heals for the better. ❤️

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Paperplane Pursuit - Feel Good

 When I was still actively writing for a local magazine, I have never thought that I would be over the moon to get them on my article, and to have them said yes to do the interview was a dream come true. Getting to keep in touch with one them was even better. Looking at their hard work, I've decided to help them a little. I probably annoy them hell a lot with my Tweets and Instagram postings but who cares, I am only sharing the music that I love the most and hopefully they will forgive me for that.

Ever so inspiring and talented guys, bits by bits their songs somehow lifted my spirits up high. I have never felt that excited every time this song pops up on the radio or my colleagues suddenly played your song a couple times on the stereo. When I feel like it's a bad day and down, this song automatically serves me, my cup of tea, the calming effect. Thank you for the song, you make me sing and dance like no one's watching, cause I'm just a bad one to be honest.
I have probably said this a couple times but yes, this got to be the best local song of the year for me. You don't even need to win an award but know for sure you have won in the hearts of many people.

Love you to bits guys (I just can't get enough!) x


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Hadiah XMas For Him

Time flies when we least expected it. 
In a blink of an eye, our favourite month of the year December is here already. There will be gorgeous decors and Christmas trees at our offices and shopping malls all around with their own creation. The best part is, you will get sweet discounts with the best low price ever! However this also mean that it makes the shopping mall even more crowded in this time of the year. And if you ask me, I rather do my shopping online rather than brave the streets full of people and stress free.

Thinking of buying something for that special someone? 
There are 3 types that will be perfect for him.

Impressed your guy with his favourite scent in this box set of perfumes. His smell lingers through out the day, feeling refreshed whether he is at work, hanging out with friends or a date with you. This first gift will definitely be my first choice in making him smile. 

The next choice of item that men will appreciate is a nice masculine watch. Select an exclusive design watch and have it wrapped up beautifully to give on Christmas.


Lastly, men who are always suiting up to work and rushing to attend dinner parties every week will love a nice gift consisting of a collection of basic tees. It sure is nice observing a man in a suit looking handsome and smart but men also want to relax in some comfy clothes during the night or weekends. As we are living in Malaysia with a hot climate, choose a comfortable lightweight fabric of the basic tees and he will definitely fall in love with it. 
If you are wondering where to get these 3 gifts for him, check out ZALORA on the best deals of Christmas gifts for him online today!