Monday, 30 April 2007

SleepleSs in Borneo? Ahaks =p

*It's exactly 11.25 p.m. And still I'm not asleep yet. These are some of the days that I tend to have my late nights unlike those days where I had to "early to bed, early to rise" kinda thing. The fact that I'm gonna get 2 days public holidays makes me HAPPY =)) Labour day & Wesak daY...YAY!

*Right now, I'm listening to the songs that I'm currently addicted to. Maybe I should recommend to u guys, Reza Salleh's "Smokecity" cd is awesome ! I could'nt have got it if it wasn't for Hanafi.( Note: Hanafi is the cute,sweet,shy lead guitarist who played for Estranged & a couple of bands. And did I forgot to mention that he's absolutely TALENTED? veRy ARTISTIC & taKe Nice PiXies! LoVe HiM ! ;) )

* Btw, I haven't had my coffee in days ! Is that a MiRaCLe or wHat? I think I'm gonna DIE not having one! Someone bring me one cup of Macchiato for me puhleaseeeeeee....Hahaha ;p

*I think I've lost touch in some of the things that I love most. Gotta bring me back to life !

::: Here's a SMILE before I'm off to bed :::

To Everyone Who's SoO SCHWeeeetttttt & Beautiful People in My Life !

Lotsa Love~

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