Saturday, 8 March 2008

Just today....

1. I was on holiday. The reason was my office were closed to make way for their workers to go out and vote. Which I did. I went out and vote for the first time with my cuzzy and gotta say that we were a little curious how the whole voting goes. Still we managed to be there before the rain got even worst. I don't even care who won but at least we did our part as a good citizen. :)

Had our lunch in Beverly township and went straight to City Mall after that.I finally saw little Myra Lilly the daughter of a friend of mine today. She is so cute I felt pinching her cute cheeks! Hee ;)

2. I was watching a Tagalog movie titled Don't Give Up on Us. Starring the handsome Piolo Pascual and cute Judy Ann Santos. I just love how the love story goes. And the location of this movie is Superb! Dearest Baguio, I miss you! I'm coming back for

sure! And dearest Bontoc, Sagada and Banaue, I make sure I will include you all on my next trip! ;)

I think I had a crush on Piolo. What a Hunk! Mas Gwapo Sya Diba? ;p

Hanggang sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan
Don't Give Up on Us MV.

3. I got a call. The 'call'. Interruption? Nay.....hmmm, no comment. Nuff said.

P/s : I still do. Really, really....Why owh why? *sigh*

Going to call it a day now.
Have a Great Weekend!


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