Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Tempted to Sin

After quite some time, I saw you again.

Vanilla Affogato Frappucinno (with whipped cream, it's a must) my long-time marital affair with you, I'm so glad we've reunited. I know it's fattening, oh what the heck! At least it's in 'grande' size, not 'venti' . My oh my, it's love when I'm feeling this. My coffee mate, I wonder what I got myself divorced to. Forgive me for I have sinned. It seems ages ago. But wait a minute....I'm not even married. *devilish grin*

It is just another caffeine high moment.

I'm still not attached to anyone by the way.

I was at Starbucks, CityMall earlier on with the cousins & siblings. It wouldn't be us without long talk and loud voices. Yes, we are that mad. So beware! :P

Everything was so tempting and sinful but I managed to calm myself down. I'm proud of myself. Which sometimes makes life's a bit harder. And someone did not. As usual. I know. You know. We know. Fink or Furfle. We all know what you did at voXpop. Meh :D

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