Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I don't know what I missed from Stompin Sabah 2010 until.....

( A post-event blog post )

Remember when I say this?

Yes, part of the reason I wanted the most to be for the Stompin' Sabah 2010 is to see Jin from Oh wait, I didn't even know he was coming. Only 3 days before. So much for reading his tweets! Okay, I gotta stop talking about him on my blog. It would get you guys bored. *hides* *shy* Haha :p

I depend on 'live' updates from Twitter & Facebook just so I could see what's happening that day. And oh, blogs on the go too. Thank goodness for technology! *hearts*

As I couldn't attend the event, I can't help it but envy those who actually made it there! I can't believe that I missed the event I really wanted to go! Oh yeah, I was so jealous for sure. I would have danced the rainy & cold night and early morning and party. But it's over now.

I know it's been weeks since that happened.
But I was still curious.

As expected, according to everyone who were there, it was very happening and I did enjoy by just looking at every bits & pieces of videos & pictures took by my fellow KK bloggers, and not to mention awesome great blog posts as well! *smiles*

I would like to share with my readers what I have been missing that day; here's the links to some of blog posts from few bloggers.

Stompin' Sabah was truly a blast by
Stompin Sabah 2010 by
Stompin Sabah 2010 by

I don't know what I missed from Stompin' Sabah 2010 until I read those links above.
Maybe I'll make it a must the next time around! :)

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AnnieMing said...

Hi Eudora! Thanks for sharing my link here. Got here through Nuff ^_^ It's okay if you cudn't come to this year's Stompin' Sabah because there will always be next time.. Have a good weekend!

Eudora said...

@Annie : Hi there! No problem! Yeah, hope to be there next time. You have a nice day as well! :)