Saturday, 30 April 2011

Wish I was there!

What a Saturday! Heehe ^_^

Wishing that I could be at one or two, three places at a time, kills me sometimes. Which at times could lead me to mixed emotions, that feeling again. How can I help it? I'm a normal human being.

I was there, in spirit.
Listen carefully, the sounds of the beat.
Just like what you've said before, there I was present,
I am in your heart.

And for 2 weeks now, the song,
'Paradise' my favourite stays put to No.1 on Borneo English Top 10 chart!
I'm so glad that I never stop voting everyday...Whee!
Oh wow, I'm a proud fan! :)

Congrats Xinxers with lots of ♥ !

Friday, 29 April 2011

Sassou-Japan Grand Launching @ Suria Sabah 30th April 2011

Just sharing & helping a childhood friend of mine to promote.
If you're free tomorrow why not drop by.

Please Click this picture below to enlarge!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Where's my Easter bunny chocs & eggs?

What a different feeling to be updating this status in a still consider early on a Sunday morning and get a thumbs up from someone I haven't been connecting to for few days now. But it's all good no worries, I hope.

Forgive those who have hurt u like hell, stop holding grudges. Why not try ♥ & accept them instead right? Forgive me if there's anything wrong I've done coz I've forgiven you. ^_^

Blessed Easter everyone, friends & family scattered around the globe!
Shower each one of you With Lots of ♥

Where's my Easter bunny chocs & eggs? Haha :P"

Oh well...
Hope your Easter celebration will be a good one sharing it with your loved ones! :)

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Came home to 2 happy news!

When the things you love and you put so much effort to it as if it's part of your life, even if you no longer feel it's worth doing it anymore, with a sudden announced a victory, makes you feel like jumping up and down like a little kid! I'm so happy I can't even describe! Feeling like I'm in a 'Paradise' right now. It doesn't even matter where do I stand in this.

And an accomplished goal. That is all what matters most.

My heart stays with you, my loyalty coz I have never stop believing! You think you know but you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about! Heehe ;)

Friday, 22 April 2011


I like this another awesome work by Wong Fu Production or was it just coz there's David Choi in it? Meh. I just thought I'd share this with my blog readers since I saw everyone's been sharing it on Twitter. ^_^

In life, in reality, in friendships & relationships, everyone has to go through with it whether we like it or not. Life is not full of fairy tales, it's not always bed of roses. It was never that easy, it's true. Hardships we had to faced. Nothing's fair enough. Decisions & choices were made. We just have to deal with it. Sometimes, we wonder no matter how perfect it may be in the first place, where did it all went wrong? It always ended up the way we never expected at all.

My heart may have been broken before, when every time it hurts like hell, too much I could no longer feel the pain. But it doesn't mean that I don't believe in the existence of love anymore. I'm a firm believer in it & risk taker still. You probably hear this every time darling, the one whom I used to say this to previously, I'm always so full of it, 'the love' remember?

oh well, just my two cents worth of it...

heehe ;)

Happy Good Friday all!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Another belated birthday gift ♥

Serenade me with love songs, till my heart melts...
Strumming on your guitar strings, your voice made me speechless!

I thought you've said only two songs diba?
Pero I got 4 songs in one night!
Wheee, I'm a happy lady!

We should do this more often even if only on Skype! Haa!
Train ♥ Switchfoot ♥ Coldplay and what's the other one again? :P

Oh wow, so much love for a belated birthday gift!
Thanks again CP :)

*big hugs*

With lots of

Monday, 18 April 2011

A letter I would ♥ to have.....

Some of you might have noticed that I've tweeted about this....

Oh, how I wish someone will write me something like this ! ♥

Sad naman he had to die in an accidente in Tarlac while heading home to Manila. Guess it is his time to go....Manila lost another young star! *sobs*

RIP cutie AJ Perez!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A song on a belated birthday! ♥

I was late.
But what the heck.
I managed to grab a minute or two or more than that.
Few lines of words on star chat at and he still remembers me!

I can't believe he just sang 'Sweet' to me as I requested with a belated birthday wish! ^_^

'Live' on USTREAM that is.
Hahaha ;p

These past few days, those who followed me on Twitter might noticed that I've been tweeting about this guy. This one particular guy I find talented since 2007. And back then, I was loving his autographed demo album I got from Hanafi Estranged. Honestly, still do.

He is that talented Malaysian singer.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

It's 12th April, it's my birthday!

Slept late again last night. Thanks to an awesome conversation.

I've been sleeping really good and having sweet dreams lately,where it happened on a high mountain, so beautiful, nothing's missing, it was all perfect! The only thing I wished for is it will come to reality. It felt so nice, it's indescribable.

Woke up, still feeling sleepy.
And my wall's ( No, I don't mean my bedroom wall...Haha :P ) were already flooded with words of love & as I tweeted : Waking up to a whole lot of happy wishes! I like! ^_^ I was dancing & singing my morning, as if it's Sunday.

Was feeling really,really good today.
Still smiling on the few text messages I got on my phone this morning. And to receive something twice on my day makes it even more awesome, one on FB & on text, wheee! Not forgetting the only YM message I got from the Philippines! What makes this year a more special one and meaningful cause it's made of extra ingredient and it's too sweet for words! Nice treatment could somehow swept me off my feet.

And guess what? My favourite Malaysian band ESTRANGED finally released the music video of their new single 'Pengganti' today! Oh yes, on my birthday & it's super duper cool, you guys should watch it! Which leads to a tweet from @estrangedband : @eudoraluvart a special bday gift for u? Hee :D I still love this guys :)

I found my new addiction recently too....local Sabahan bands Xinxerena & The Ariez , thanks for the ♥ on my day! I'm so much in ♥, so much you could take my breath away! I'm addicted to you? ^_^

And thanks to social network site, friends and family were never too far to reached me & show some birthday ♥ as well!

It's 12th April, it's my birthday, I maybe broke but happy, I'm still content & appreciative coz I could breathe till this day! :)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

My 1st Pre-Bday surprise ever!

I've never expected anything more each year. Even as the years passed by, I only count my blessings as the day came every year.

Last Friday was a usual working day for me. Usual but I felt something different. I am not sure. Maybe it is just a feeling that got me affected the other night. Even when I've made that one apology. That different feeling made me feel like there was something not right and lead me to talking to a colleague about getting 'surprised'. Since honestly, I've never got any before. Yeah seriously! But that doesn't mean I got a clue about it.

I wouldn't want to go much details about it but yes, would love to share a snippet of it here. And since it is my first, why not document this happiness right? :)

When I got home that day, my sister was early from work. That's strange. But I didn't suspect any fishy thingy going on. I went straight to my room & went online. Was supposed to go out that night but it didn't went through. And I had to cancel some plans with cousins before too. I was in the room for few minutes and I even managed to update my a-social-network-site status, I've mentioned how the month of April will be the one I'd ♥ for oh so many reasons.

Just seconds after that, my sister knocked on the door & asked me a question from outside. I had no choice but to opened it to answer her question. As I was about to get out and beginning to get the question answered.....

My sister, brother & my cousins, some came from Labuan & KL shouted "Surprise!" with a cake on their hand but wait, they forgot candles! Hahahaha :P Even if they weren't candles on the cake yet, I was already speechless with their surprises! I almost got a heart attack like seriously! It lasted for almost 15 minutes or so till I could breathe properly. Still in shock but was smiling from ear to ear, literally!

Home-baked advanced birthday cake (Thank you Ate' Finks), awesome food & desserts and a mini reunion of the cousins, is totally love! I appreciate the thoughts and I could not asked for more! Thank you everyone who made that plan a success & Mum and Dad as well !

And if you're wondering and asking what's my wish as I blew the candles last week? It's going to remain a secret. And it'll still be the same on my real birth date. Heehe :D

Am I done here? Oh yes...



Hahahaha :P

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Day 2 : On the way to Laoag, Illocos Norte 230211

It's been like 3 to 4 years, I know.
Why is it too familiar in my eyes?
I guess I've never forgotten, even for once.
With the same driver/tour guide on the road, I was right after all.
This was exactly the gas station we were in the last time I was going to Baguio. (Which reminds me that I never got the time to post about my last trip there! WhOops, my bad! :P)

One day at a time, one picture per post at least. But at least I've tried. I did my best to document what's happening & share :)

Thursday, 7 April 2011

And I ♥ you so!

Do you ever believe in ♥ at first sight?
I'm not a fan or firm believer but in this case, maybe it is.
I'm not sure. It's crazy! Insanity of a love bug, someone help me out here!
I could probably write a ♥ song or play an instrument of my choice, if only I'm capable doing so. But I guess I will stick to singing this hour.

No matter how much I've tried to resist this feeling of mine, so many times it seems so hard. How can I avoid you? It's tempting! The thing about you and me, I kept hearing you call my name.

'Dear, dear, dear.....'

I even dreamt about you...

Sweet dreams are made of this.....

I've over used some words way too much but what the heck. I have to say that..The distance always plays hard to get. Seems difficult to reach,kills me. Still that remains close, even closer to my heart. Oh the power of love, it's powerful, amazing! Damn, look what you have to me!

That plate of Tuaran mee, I lay my eyes way too times for you but every moment is way too special for me. Having you makes me feel like it's Sunday every morning. One thing I have to shamely admit...

And I ♥ you so! ^_^

*slaps self*

I'm not fully awake yet...Hahaha :P

Can you believe that this kind of food could become my source of inspiration in writing this? Or was it just that song playing in my head? Someone better get me an answer.