Sunday, 17 July 2011

Press Conference- Konsert ERA KK, 11 June 2011

Event/Happening : Press Conference + Meet & Greet Session
Date : 11 June 2011
Time : Before the 'Konsert ERA KK/ MegaKarnival Sazarize'
Venue: Bubble Bar & Restaurant, Grand Borneo Hotel, 1Borneo Hyper mall

That day, it excites me when The Ariez's manager told me that she has one more exclusive pass for me. Thank you sis, it meant so much to me!

Had the opportunity to attend the press conference with our local Sabahan band, The Ariez and meet the rest of those performers up,close & personal. Among artistes that were there including The Ariez, Estranged (Hanafi & Din), Ramli Sarip, Adira, P.O.P, Fabolous Cat and more. Fans get to meet their favourite artists, take pictures & a signed giant poster as well.

I absolutely love it I get to hang-out more with the guys from The Ariez instead of just see them perform and take photographs. They're starting to become more of close friends of mine these days.And I was so happy to meet Din, *hugs like a long lost friend scene* haha :p and Hanafi after a while. We had a quick conversation about life and KK. It was short but sweet none the less. :) Like finally! I miss them so much, wish Rich & Andy was there too!

My very first press conference to attend and I ♥ it! ^__^

Please click the pictures, for larger view on photos & for more photos on this event , please visit : eudoraluvart's flckr photostream

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