Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Jon Paradise EP : The Review

Got it for almost 2 weeks ago & finally got it signed last Sunday! Thanks guys! loves!

Sense the calmness within me as I listened & carefully trying to catch every words to the song lyrics. No, there was no written lyrics provided in this cd. Switched it on, I was humming. But after just 2-3 days, I found myself singing along already. If you want something inspiring and could lift you up, this could be it. I like it the way the songs goes, stories of life in general. And some how you feel kinda related to it in an instant.

There are a total of 6 songs in this cd. If you been reading my blog, you probably know how much I love 'Dark Street', which I've blogged about the music video previously. Another personal favourite of mine would have to be the 'Book of Sacred'. It's true what the guys just told me. There is something about this song. For me it's about faith & spiritual. Where it leads & guide you to a right road. You can never be perfect, but at least you can make life a better place to live in. A nice song to hear when you're feeling a little down. Trust me, it helps. :D

Other songs on the cd : Hidup, Upside Down, Ego & Hidup (Acoustic Version with Jonathan Tse) is awesome as well.

Want to know more about the band, Jon Paradise, check out those links below :

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Miss. Tina said...

Everytime i feel a bit down or stressful I always chose to listen slow music you know sumthing like meditation music for relaxing and healing and it helps me a lot.

Eudora said...

@Miss.Tina : Hi there! Yeah me more or less the same too. Songs that can make me relax a bit & something soothing. :)