Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Tenom, it's a wrap!

Time to fill our tummy with late lunch in town after spending time in the orchard. I have always love some yummy Chinese food. Since I have been to Lagud Seberang's Taman Pertanian like twice and a famous Kopi Tenom's Factory, we decided to skipped it this time around. 

For the very first time ever, I get to hold a crocodile. It was so huge, yes for real.  Except that it was a very tame one. May I introduced to you all my new friend called Ah Chong. It was a famous crocodile in that town who was born in the year of 1960. He loves cold water and fresh meat. And a pat on his skin too. On that day of our visit, Ah Chong gave me a smile while I went on snapping pictures of him.

Hope to see you again 'Uncle Ah Chong'! :p

So this wraps up my journey to Tenom :D

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